I am developing an application which uses the LAM-1 GPS module on a 9210.

The problems I am seeing are as follows:-

1) The NMEA data is often corrupted ( The observed problem is dropped characters -we see this at a rate of about 1 per 10 lines of NMEA data)
2) The NMEA data is plainly "stuck", the latitude and longitude values do not change over a period of possibly 30 seconds. This differs from a range of other GPS devices Garmin/Pretec and Pino units where we typically see a change of 1/0000 minutes of arc; equivalent to .18 meters.
3) The LAM-1 unit gives out sequences of bad data. Both position and speed errors. The position errors are very significant as they indicate movement where none exist. The indicated speed values are also very misleading as they vary from 0.00m/s (correct) to 10.00m/s and above ( a very credible sprint speed).
4) The error flag (V for invalid data and A for valid data) is not effective. Even when we get significant speed and position jumps the flag indicates valid (A)
5) Normally I would see very little error in my tracking software - this has been tested extensively over time and with at least 3 different vendors. When I use the LAM-1 unit I get ridiculous results - distances traveled of 1000m and more (over a period of minutes) when the unit is stationary.

I am wondering if the particular unit is faulty or if the code used in the unit is not fully debugged.

The software revision is given as



Any help much appreciated,