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    Upload image to server

    Hey guys

    I need to allow a user to upload a photo to a SOAP webservice. I need to allow a user to take a photo in the app or select from their existing albums.

    From previous posts I know how to open the camera and take a photo, but I am not sure how to let a user select one from their existing pictures on there fone? Any ideas on where to start with something like this?

    Also, I am going to need to resize the image before I send it as not to cost the user to much money when sending a 1-2mb image. But also do not want to save the resized image on their fones or overwrite the original.

    And where can I start with connecting to the webservice? I already have the webservice up and running which accepts either a byte array or base64 encoded string.

    I know I am asking a lot. But would appreciate any advice that I can get. As I have found a few ways to do web service connections, etc, but you guys usually give much better advice than can be found on google or bing.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Re: Upload image to server

    You're asking quite a lot all in one go. I think you'd benefit from doing some searching and reading, then coming back here with some more specific questions.

    The discussion boards and wiki here on Forum Nokia have their own search facilities (or you can use Google to search them for you). For example, I searched the wiki for the word "java gallery", and I found How to read an image from Gallery in Java ME, which seems to be a good place for you to start.

    You'll also find several discussions in the boards here about uploading images to servers.

    Resizing will be a problem for you, because there is no (easy) way to re-encode the image back to a JPEG.


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    Re: Upload image to server

    Perfect. Thanks a lot. I have googled all of my questions and found a few options. I just thought I would post as well as most the time you guys posted better links to the same thing. Just a better way of doing it. I will use that link you gave me for all my searching as it seems to have the best results.

    Thanks again. I will create seperate threads for individual questions that might crop up.

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    Re: Upload image to server

    Hi i'm also trying to upload image to server..
    I converted the image to byte array and sent to the servlet..
    On the servlet side i'm saving it in mysql database..

    I'm going wrong somewhere in the byte stream conversion.
    I want to know how the image is getting converted to bytestream..bcos i'm getting random characters(5 to 6 characters) which is not the bytestream of the image..

    is there any encoding/decoding involved?


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