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    Top Grossing applications report please

    Hi Ovi Store Reporting,
    Could we have a report on Top Gross apps. This is based on the Movie stats where the report on the gross income from an app category like "highest grossing film in Science Fiction" e.g. Star Wars.
    We have the "Top Phones" to develop for e.g. N97.

    With so many categories and so many prices the "Top Grossing" app categories would be interesting. To give and idea this is *NOT* Games on any mobile. The PC/console rules do not apply to mobile. So this become very interesting.

    IMHO not convinced that high price low volume is the top of gross products.

    The may be a correlation of price to volume on overall products do that developers could know where to price products.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Top Grossing applications report please


    Marketing has taken note of your request. They should be releasing stats via press release in the near future.

    Thank you

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    Re: Top Grossing applications report please

    my company has started making such data available this January,. and will do so every month

    All the best
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    Re: Top Grossing applications report please

    Hi, I am glad that Jim has raised a request on some metrics from Ovi Stores. I have been researching on this entire last week, but have not been able to find useful information.

    If Ovi Stores can share more information on how the applications are performing and which are the Top Grossing, Top Downloads etc. it would certainly help application developers like us to plan our future products and their pricing point..

    I hope such information will be available soon..

    Thanks and Best Regards

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