I've just posted this over on my personal site, but wanted to share it here just in case there are any of you looking for an idea towards creating a new MWS app. I call it Bookmarks and its basically one part Mozilla Weave, another part Google Reader, and another part the MWS Blog component - rolled into something a good bit a useful part of the web experience - the idea of saving bookmarks, but making them available to others or annotating them for yourself for later use.

Below is how I described it on my site - feel free to run with the idea as it suits your skills (I'm still in need of learning to code for the platform):

...Essentially, I'd get a similar screen to what I have here with the blog posts page. There would be a listing of feeds, and clicking on the title to it would expand the item so that I could read the entire thing. At the bottom of the post would be the ability to add a note, blog it, or mark it public - see, this only works when I can share

This would be a new content stream for the site, so it would have its own RSS feed, but also be combined within the MWS's content feed (optionally of course).

It would need to be its own widget though. This only would work if I didn't have to take the extra step of browsing to my MWS to access it. In my mind, this works out to be something like the AccuWeather widget - a smaller version on the homescreen that shows the latest feeds, and then something behind it that's a bit larger in viewing (its a web page) but connected to the MWS. Ideally, going into the bigger view would also give me a shortcut to the MWS application on the device.

It would therefore need to be made on web-based tech (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), but also plug into the device's OS and/or hardware in order to do the sharing features just right.

This is an RSS reader, so like others, I'd need to be able to add files. There would also need to be an extension for it - one for desktop/laptop browsers and the other for the mobile's browser. For the former, this extension would simply authenticate you to your MWS, and then using some kind of "send to MWS Bookmarks" function to have it appear in Bookmarks. On the side of the mobile, you'd like to have some additional option in the browser to do the same "send to Bookmarks" feature, but this would be like the MWS's Blog post function in that it could post to Bookmarks even when the MWS isn't online.

I'd have the sharing aspect work something like Addthis.com's widget - maybe even using this widget since they've already got the tech developed.

After that, its just a matter of going to any browser, and opening your bookmarks to read them - if they were more like RSS feeds - or going to them when you've found a new item and wanted to save and annotate about it. And if its really good, you click the checkbox at the end of your annotation which says "blog this" and it would also appear on your MWS blog (same entry just appearing in two places)...
So instead of a 3rd party RSS or bookmarking service, the MWS is used, and since the MWS is accessible from any browser, a user is pretty much able to view without fear of the service shutting down (that is, if they are doing the MWS gateway on their device as well).