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    Openc socket:connect() do not work well on 5th device

    here is a problem need you help.

    My app connect the server via gprs, using Openc Plugin's socket functions. App works well on S60 3rd device, and 5th emulator. But on s60 5th debug(5530xm), when step over connect(), nothing happened, no popup Access Point Select, no Panic info, and no return connect failed. just stop at this function.

    this code work well on S60 3rd Device, and the parameter passed to connect() is the same.

    Is Openc Plugin of SDK not compatible with the 5th Device? I have update to the latest Openc version(OPEN C 1.6 Plug-in for S60 C++ SDK) which declare support S60 5th and 3rd.

    So why this happened? Anyone can give me some advice, thanks!
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    Re: Openc socket:connect() do not work well on 5th device


    reture value of connect?
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