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    Retrieving Table Data as it is into MIDlet

    Hi All,

    I am getting records from web server using servlet. No of rows are to many i want to display data as string for each row. How can i do that. I know how to display data using bytes. I don't want to get data into bytes. I want to show as string.
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    Re: Retrieving Table Data as it is into MIDlet

    Hi kalki,

    To get the table data from the server , you need to follow some protocol between your client and server , Like send the columns ands rows information in a structured xml format , or define your custom format of rows and columns and send to client ,and at the client side you will receive the same byte stream convert that stream as string depending on your content you can apply the encoding on the incoming data at the time of converting in to string and parse that string to get your rows and columns.

    If you use the xml structure to send the rows and columns of the data to the client , you can use the xml parser to parse the xml. The xml parser will directly accepts your byte stream and give you the string as results.

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    Re: Retrieving Table Data as it is into MIDlet


    You can also form the string inside the Servlet itself.

    Let say after each record row put some special char which can extracted/examine at client side i.e. j2me and get one by one all string in an string array.

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