I have a problem with nmy 7650. I have tried with 2 different BT cards (Ambicom BT2000 and BlueMonkey) and two different OS's (Win98 and Linux) and also Linux on a Zaurus... (Both Linuxes are using the Affix drivers, v1.2.4 and 2.0.0-pre2). The WIn98 drivers were the latest available from the respective manufacturers websites.

Now the symptoms are the same on all. The discovery works fine. The linux servers can all see the services available, but not always. One Win98 driver can see services but the other almost always sees no profiles available.

Under Linux, I can discover (No problems) and almost always browse the services (I've had it fail a couple of times). I can connect and a trace of the affix drivers with debugging on shows the connection happening & if you cat the /proc entries you can see the connectoin.

But then the phone sends a disconnect to the PC (Laptop) and you have no connection any more.

What is really strange is that BT used to work fairly well from the Zaurus, which now has the same problems.

Under Win98 the PCSuite software can't see the phone through either BT or IRDA... (It claims the IRDA is in use, even though the Nokia monitor shows a 7650 phone in it).

Anyone got any ideas? The firmware is way backlevel at v3.something... I wouldn't mind getting it flashed, but I have to find someone to doit (No user flashing... GRH!)

I'd post traces of the BT messages passed, but they are reasonably long...