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Thread: Current Date

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    Current Date

    Hey guys

    I have trying to persist an object with the current date. So that later I can lookup all of the persisted objects on a specific date. But I do not know how I should do this.

    I am using the Floggy framework, but that is irrelevant. I want to have a field in the object I am persisting for this. But I not sure if I should save Date or Calender in the object.

    Date d = new Date();


    Calender c = Calender.getInstance();

    Wich would be the best for me to use in this situation?

    Also, I have another persistable object of Person. Which has a DOB object. Should that be Date or Calendar? Again I am not sure. I would want to calculate the age of the user based on this.

    I hope I make sense.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Re: Current Date

    Ultimately, all time-and-date information is represented as a long, just as returned by System.currentTimeMillis(). Each Date object contains a long, which you can access by Data.getTime(). Just save the long, as this is all the information you need.


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    Re: Current Date

    Ok, thanks for the info

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