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    Red face How can i get image resolutions of mobiles

    i want to have a mobile website like mobile9.com which provided users to download themes , wallpapers , images of exactly same the mobile wants....

    They know every format of app mobile support like n72 support sis format ....
    They also know image dimension of every mobile set whether it may be nokia mobile , sony , samsung mobile

    So all i need is site which provides all the details of every nokia mobile , song , samsung mobile ....and plz suggest sm website which give easy reference not in complex manner.... like a table in which all the mobiles .... image resolution , app format .... that would be gr8....

    Thx in adv


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    Re: How can i get image resolutions of mobiles

    For Nokia devices click on the Devices tab on this web site and list all Nokia devices' technical specs.
    -- Lucian

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