Nokia E51
I have a bunch of SMS messages witch my NOKIA SMS viewer wont open. I can see beginning of the messages in INBOX list, but when i press on it, nothing happens. (btw these messages are possibly from my old phone NOKIA Sport 5500, but not every old message acts this way! some even are from this phone)

So I wrote a simple SMS export tool.
now when I try to view/export these messages.....

import inbox
box = inbox.Inbox()
msg = box.sms_messages()

msgcount = 0
for i in msg:
msgcount = msgcount + 1;

print (msgcount)

So far everything works, even messages are being counted correctly, but when I try to view them....
for i in msg:

The bad ones do not show any text at all (nokia INBOX list shows at least the beginning of these messages)
and when I query for sender, this happens!!!!
>>> for i in msg:
... print(box.address(i))
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<console>", line 2, in <module>
SymbianError: [Errno -1] KErrNotFound

can anyone help me with this one? Is there any other way to handle my SMS?
or any suggestions!?