Current I'm making an application in which I do have use of dates.

I used Calendar.getInstance() method and the called getTime() method. But in some of the Nokia phones like Nokia 5310 it did not give me the right Time. If I specifically pass the TimeZone then only I'm getting the correct Time.

For eg. in India when the current time was 5:30, I was getting 12:00(using default time zone), but when i specifically passed the TimeZone(GMT +5:30) then only I got the correct time.
But by this thing I will be restricted to a specific country.

I thought that if the phones GMT is set as per choice , then the application takes that Time Zone as default.., But when I manually set The time zone to (GMT + 5:30) then also no fruitful result with Calendar.getDefault(); The result was only coming when I was passing (GMT +5:30) specifically.

How to get the right time anywhere you are? Isn't the mobile phone set time zone, the default zone for Calendar.getInstance() method?

Please help me out.