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    Unique message-id

    Hi again,

    This is in response to my previous question "Sending notification.ind to multiple clients".

    You've mentioned that the message-id is unique for every mms notification. Do you mean transaction-id? I've checked the WAP-209 and the only id being mentioned on the notification.ind is transaction-id.

    Another question, exactly who is the one refusing the retrieval of the mms when the transaction-id is not unique? Is it the phone or the proxy rejecting the retrieval command?

    Thanks in advance

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    Message-id is located in X-Mms-Content-Location string (URI shall be used RFC2396, for example http://MMSC/message-id

    MMSC should delete the message from the system when ever, who ever fetches the message first.

    Most likely MMSC is blocking the retrieval due the fact that delivery indications is matched to transaction id.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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