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    media transfer to N79 and multimedia

    I've bought a Nokia N79 10 days ago. When I connect this phone to the computer via "PC suite" and transfer some tracks to the mobile phone, then disconnect it, I can't find those tracks on my phone(the mobile can't read it).
    In order to make the phone read it, I should connect it in "media transfer" mode
    Is this normal or is there a problem???
    Also I have a problem with my camera. I can't find it of high resolution and it seems like it's 2 megapixels not 5 megapixels.
    When I capture the image immediately with one click, the image seems to be blurred (especially when I photograph texts).
    To make it capture the image properly with clear text, I should keep pressing the camera button till I see the green brackets then take the photo.
    Is that normal or a problem?? knowing that nokia E71 camera is completely different with clear image although it's 3.2 MP.
    The same thing happens when I capture anything(especially text as well)on video but in this case I can't make a clear video.
    Please I need a quick answer because I need to know if this phone is defective.
    Thank you and sorry for prolongation

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    Re: media transfer to N79 and multimedia

    You need to ask this question in the product support forum at http://www.nokia.com/discussions/

    Forum Nokia is for developer support and we have no expertise in the products.


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