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    Set nfc push registry dynamically...


    As some of you might have seen in my previous posts, i'm working on dynamic applications which loads apis according to the apis available on the phone.

    One of my last small problems is to dynamically add a push registry for nfc. The thing is that if i set it staticly, then the application won't work on phone which doesn't have nfc, so basically i need to set the nfc push registry if the phone has nfc available.

    The thing is that i'm not sure how will it work since we normally have code in the jad file and i don't think that the jad file can me modified during runtime and "save the changes"

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    Beside of compatibility concerns (JSR not present, JSR needs signing, bugs) static registration cannot be turned off. You have to (and should always) register dynamically via the PushRegistry class rather than using the JAD. The first time your MIDlet is started, you register your connection which the phone stores virtually.

    More details about the NFC syntax can be found in the PDF specification of JSR-257 and examples can be found in the wiki or discussion sections which deal with NFC.
    int format = NDEFRecordType.EXTERNAL_RTD;
    String name = "urn:nfc:ext:example.com:YourExample";
    NDEFRecordType type = new NDEFRecordType(format, name);
    String connection = type.toString(); // ndef:external_rtd?name=urn:nfc:ext:example.com:YourExample
    String midlet = getClass().getName();
    String filter = "*";
    PushRegistry.registerConnection(connection, midlet, filter);
    Would be one example for the NFC Forum external type. To make it short: The connection string is the same as for static registration.

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