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    Unhappy [moved] please HELP

    I 'm new in developing mobile applications in J2ME using netbeans...I am a creating a T9 dictionary in Urdu but Im having difficulty in reading urdu text from a file........I have tried alot of ways but Im unable to display urdu characters on the mobile emulator!!!!someone please please help me..I would be highly thankful to u!

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    Re: [moved] please HELP

    You might like to read How to create localized text resources.

    Whether Urdu characters will display depends on the whether the device's font contains Urdu characters. If the device's native user interface is in Urdu, you should be OK.


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    Re: [moved] please HELP

    Thanx Alot..this link really helped us and we have displayed urdu characters on emulator but now as we have to code T9 dictionary can u please give us some useful links from where we can get an idea of coding it..we know the logic behind but facing trouble in getting with implementation..please help us it's really urgent!!thanx in advance..

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