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    where are shared objects stored on the phone?

    From Adobe's site I came to know that shared objects are store in the system directory (typically C:\System\Apps\saflash2\).
    I can't find this location in File Manager of the Nokia 5800XM, are they stored in some other location on the 5th Edition devices?

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    Re: where are shared objects stored on the phone?


    The 'root' folder of the phone memory you see in S60 File manager is actually the "C:\Data\" instead of "C:\" (I think the rationale is that the end users care more about their data, like musics, images etc, than the file system...if they know what a file system is). To check the "C:\System" folder you have to use a more advanced file manager, like the Y-Browser.

    By the way the article you refer to seems for S60 1st/2nd Edition, and the 'shared folder' may have changed in 3rd/5th.


    Ziteng Chen

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