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    Catching runtime exceptions

    hello, I'm writing an app which has gps functionalities but the latter will fail on phones like 6280. My aim is to ignore the exception and continue with other methods from my application but this seems daunting. Phone returns:

    No class def found Error java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError

    public String checkLocation()
            criteria = new Criteria();
            String string;
            try {
                locationProvider = LocationProvider.getInstance(criteria);
                location = locationProvider.getLocation(60);
            } catch (Exception e)
                //TODO: Handle exception.
                return "failed";
            coordinates = location.getQualifiedCoordinates();
            if (coordinates != null)
                // Use coordinate information
                double lat =  coordinates.getLatitude();
                double lon =  coordinates.getLongitude();
                string = "\nLatitude : " + lat + "\nLongitude : " + lon;
                return string;
                string = "failed";
                return string;
    I have an OK command which executes above method and appends returned string to the form. Any help would be highly appreciated.


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    Re: Catching runtime exceptions

    This falls under the category of "advanced techniques".

    Start by reading this document. It describes a technique for using any API that might not be present on the device.

    Is your application any use on devices without GPS? Unless you really, really want to run the application on non-GPS devices (like the 6280), I'd suggest you don't bother trying to handle this. It's another headache you don't need.


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