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    Exclamation Nokia 2330 Invalid Application


    I develop since many years ago J2ME applications for a firm and I'm aware of the many issues that each device has, but still can't understand what happened today so I really would appreciate your help.

    A costumer who has being using one of our applications in a NOKIA 2330 for TWO months without any problems, suddenly reported that the JAR crashed: the error is "INVALID APPLICATION" and in the application lists is displayed with an Invalid icon. I'm sure that the costumer didn't changed anything (no firmware update, there is enough storage free, permissions okay, VeriSign certificate is still valid), so my question is: What can cause that a valid application operating without problems for two months suddendly crashes and now is listed as "Invalid Application"?? Does anybody knows if there are similars reports from other users? (i searched in the forum but found none).

    I will mention that this application makes intensive use of RMS: aprox. 20 RMS, each one ranging between 5kb and 40kb. Each day, the costumer deletes all RMS and synchronizes new ones from a server. Does somebody knows if Nokia 2330 (or 5th Edition at all) have problems dealing with lots of RMS operations and may be the AMS tends to corrupt the application at all?

    Also, time ago I noticed a strange behaviour when dealing RMS in all 5th Editions: when reading/writing records higher than 128, it slowdowns incredibly at the point to be unusable! Example: on Nokia 2nd., 4th. Editions and other brands, a test on records higher than 128 may take between 5 and 10 seconds, but on every 5th Edition device I tested until now, always takes between 60 and 90 MINUTES to complete the same test!!! We resolved this issues splitting RMS into "volumes" that manages only 127 records, and works great. So, i'm trying to guess if something has changed in how RMS are managed in 5th Edition, and if this issues may lead to some kind of JAR corruption related to my first problem?!?

    Any suggestion/speculation is welcome.


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    Re: Nokia 2330 Invalid Application

    My first guess would be that this is just a glitch on that one handset, and the user should just re-install the app. Does re-installing work?


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