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    Promote product inside S/W

    We are publishing our product on Ovi Store. We are doing the QA process, but it is rejected, because:

    "The application menu contains <a “Recommend to Friend” option which sends an SMS message to a friend containing a link to the external website at www.L-info.com.cn which promotes the product on their own website."

    We are suggested to "link to the Ovi Store instead of the publisher’s own website or other distribution channels."

    The problem right now is that before publishing on Ovi store, we don't know our product's link on Ovi store which will be put in our S/W. Could I have the link address before publishing on Ovi store?

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    Re: Promote product inside S/W

    I suggest you link to your publisher page.

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    Re: Promote product inside S/W

    When you're on the publisher site, browse to the app (content item) that you're referring to. You'll end up at a URL something like this:


    Where 'xxxxx' is the content item's ID.

    The URL of the page in the store will be:


    However, I'd set this up as a redirect from your server to the Ovi Store (http://store.ovi.com/content/xxxxx) rather than hard coding it in your app, so if Ovi ever change the URL format you won't have to wait weeks to go through verification to update the link.

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