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    Self timer to capture an image...??

    Hi sir,
    i am vinay, i just want to develop an application in j2me for capturing images from time to time without manually clicking...

    Application should automatically take pictures from time to time i.e after activating camera for every 2 seconds or 5 seconds it[application] should take pictures....

    For this what should i do....if there is any code or link please post that to me sir...

    If i can get that, half of my application will be completed soon please help me sir...

    Thank you....sir

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    Lightbulb Re: Self timer to capture an image...??

    You will get by below:

    We can take picture using MMPI

    Capturing an Image

    Once the camera video is shown on the device, capturing an image is easy. All you need to do is call VideoControl's getSnapshot() method. You'll need to pass an image type, or null for the default type, PNG. You can find out ahead of time the image types that are supported. The video.snapshot.encodings system property contains a whitespace-delimited list. The Nokia 3650 supports PNG, JPEG and BMP.

    The getSnapshot() method returns an array of bytes, which is the image data in the format you requested. What you do at this point is up to you: you might save the bytes in a record store, send them to a server, or create an Image from them so you can show the user the picture just taken :

    Code is here :

    byte[] raw = mVideoControl.getSnapshot(null);
    Image image = Image.createImage(raw, 0, raw.length);

    For more detail go to the link: jpeg

    Best regards,

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    Re: Self timer to capture an image...??


    Here is an example for you.

    It's a matter of attitude.

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