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    Smile HashTable - Out of Memory

    I am using an Hashtable in my application. Some 'n' modules are accessing that
    HashTable.Each module is inserting some data and the same data is accessed by all modules at
    different stages throughout the lifecycle of the application.

    Now the problem is the usage of Heap memory by the HashTable. In the sense some data
    in the Hashtable may not be accessed for a very long which will be unnecessarily occuping the Heap
    memory. So in this case how to overcome the out of memory situation or clean up the memory
    at regular intervals.

    Kindly help me in resolving this issue.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Re: HashTable - Out of Memory

    well you can remove items yourself from the HashTable...
    Or maybe try to use weakreferences, if I'm not mistaken Graham once posted some information regarding that on the forum, so you might want to use the Search...

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    Re: HashTable - Out of Memory

    What kind of data you saved in HashTable ? Use can use switch ...case instead of using Hashtable and implement your logic.
    Keep all the keys as integers and use case <integer1> : <do_some_operations>.

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