My company has produced a J2ME application to distribute through Ovi. We have internationalized it and localized it for 13 languages. Our Chinese translator is presently unavailable, and we have a sudden need for one more phrase:

"You must turn on Bluetooth before you can connect"

The application is a multiplayer cell phone video game that connects up to four players using Bluetooth. The message gets displayed when a player tries to connect to the game, but has not enabled the phone's Bluetooth equipment. Our translators for all other languages have provided the phrase, but we still need Chinese (simplified).

Will any of you readers who know Chinese be kind enough to provide a translation... Ordinarily, we pay US$.05/word for translations, so please feel free to bill me US$.45 for translating this 9 word phrase . I will be most grateful for you kindness.


Matt Brenner
UnME2, Inc.