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    Question Howto change criteria during software esecution?

    Hi guys, i have a problem...i write a j2me application with jsr179 library and all works fine. But i have a problem...i would this:

    my application start with ( for example ) this criteria: criteria.setHorizontalAccuracy(30);
    if after 5 minuts i don't get valid gps coordinates i want to try with criteria.setHorizontalAccuracy(500);

    how is possible to implement this?
    Criteria cr = new Criteria();
    LocationProvider lp = LocationProvider.getInstance(cr);
       cr = new Criteria();
       lp = LocationProvider.getInstance(cr);
    is this correct?

    thank you for help and sorry for my bad english.


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    Re: Howto change criteria during software esecution?

    Tiger69 might be the better guy to answer this... but I suspect the phone largely ignores the criteria, other than to filter out values that don't match. You're probably just preventing your app from getting information. Leave the criteria as default, and filter them yourself if you really want to. The phone probably doesn't have different ways of getting location for different power requirements, or different accuracies. If it has GPS, it will use it.

    Otherwise, I guess what you're doing is right... create a new Criteria object, then a new LocationProvider.

    Popular wisdom from the location-gurus (like Tiger) seems to be that you should avoid getLocation(), and use the LocationListener mechanism instead.


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