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    For music fans, Don't you wish to see new version of Nokia 3250 ?

    Well, I love the Nokia 3250 so much, it is the best phone design i have ever seen and i have ever carried. beside it got so good loud voice and so many features, but the problem is it became kind of old tech when we compare its voice to the new devices like the SE W995 or the Nokia 5800MX..

    So for music fans, don't you really see that device is the best music device?? Don't you wish to see new version of it with so better voice quality, better camera, and maybe better memory?? is it possible for Nokia to release new edition of that device soon or later ???

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    Re: For music fans, Don't you wish to see new version of Nokia 3250 ?

    Hi there!...

    Well, i am also a big fan of Music!.....
    Recently i am planning to purchase a Nokia phone which can give the Facility like Music!.....

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    Re: For music fans, Don't you wish to see new version of Nokia 3250 ?

    free.styler, you are on the wrong forum (you too austin007) The forum for end-user discussions about Nokia products is http://www.nokia.com/discussions
    -- Lucian

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