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    Question direct copy a file from resource(jar file) to memory card

    Hi All
    I want copy a file from resource(i mean within the jar file) to phone's memory card.
    I don't want to read the content of file in the form of bytes or anything else,
    and then write it elsewhere,
    because it's encoding may be changed.
    has j2me any function like filecopy() or somethinge else to copy the file at once.

    if anyone knows anyththing about the problem,help me please
    sincerely yours.

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    Re: direct copy a file from resource(jar file) to memory card

    You need to read the file from the JAR, and write it to the file system. It's "encoding" will not be changed, because you will be reading and writing bytes, and bytes are not subject to character encoding. Only characters (char) are subject to character encoding.


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