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    Problems while using a J2ME http server.

    Device : 5800XM
    I have a J2ME HTTP server running on my mobile phone listening to a Flash lite app @ port 9090
    The flash lite app keeps polling the server @ 2 sec intervals for any new data. using the address

    The device is also connected to a private network(Wifi access point) and has a private IP in the range 192.168.x.xxx
    This J2ME http server running on this device may also get requests from external devices connected to the private network in the form http://deviceip:9090/
    However I'm getting problems that the device is hanging up in this situation.
    Am doing the right thing? I mean can a J2ME server serve to serve local as well as external requests on the same port? Or do I need to change the port for both.
    Kindly help me get my understandings right.

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    Re: Problems while using a J2ME http server.

    theoretically-speaking, a socket is defined as "ip address + port", and not for each of one separately. That is, you won't have problems with address/port already bind.


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