I'm trying to compile PyS60 from source because I need to make a small change in the code (already filled a feature request) and test my project I'm working on.

So I just run:
setup.py obb 32gcce
1. It doesn't work with Carbide 2.0. Fortunately one forum user already mentioned 1.2 works. Done.

2. It doesn't work with GCCE. You have to fix some values to make it not to compile using ARMV5. Done.

3. This is my current blocker. The default INCLUDE_INTERNAL_SRC value is False, right? So why do I see this error? Where can one get the internal-scr?

PyS60: shellutil.py: Copying: T:\src\ext\amaretto\appui\appuifw\src\module_config.cfg -> T:\src\tools\py2sis\ensymble\module-repo\dev-modules\appuifw\module_config.cfg
PyS60: shellutil.py: Copying: T:\src\ext\amaretto\sensor\src\module_config.cfg -> T:\src\tools\py2sis\ensymble\module-repo\dev-modules\sensor\module_config.cfg
PyS60: shellutil.py: Copying: T:\internal-src\scriptext\src\module_config.cfg -> T:\src\tools\py2sis\ensymble\module-repo\dev-modules\scriptext\module_config.cfg
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "T:\src\setup.py", line 1033, in <module>
    getattr(sys.modules['__main__'], funcname)(sys.argv[2:])
  File "T:\src\setup.py", line 803, in cmd_obb
  File "T:\src\setup.py", line 441, in cmd_generate_ensymble
    execfile('module_config_parser.py', BUILDCONFIG)
  File "module_config_parser.py", line 621, in <module>
  File "module_config_parser.py", line 259, in generate_module_repo
    copy_file(abs_cfg_path_src, abs_cfg_path_dest)
  File "T:\src\tools\shellutil.py", line 128, in copy_file
    content = open(fromfile, 'rb').read()
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'T:\\internal-src\\scriptext\\src\\module_config.cfg'