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    Unhappy How can I deploy RMS files by Jar file?

    When I create my "perst lite" database in emulator, an RMS file is generated in the following folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\STATION13\j2mewtk\2.5.2\appdb\DefaultColorPhone\run_by_class_storage_#Mana#Order%002edbs0.db

    This file is my database file. I want to deploy it to mobile phone by means of jar installation file. How can I attach my predefined data to installation jar file and copy it to suitable place in mobile phone for application’s use?


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    Re: How can I deploy RMS files by Jar file?

    You cannot. The format used for RMS data by the emulator is not necessarily the same as used in the device. You must include code in your application to create the data files and insert data when the application is first executed.


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