hi, all!Anyone have experience in using Crash Debugger?I met some problems,
As “Carbide C++ help > Carbide Tools > Symbian OS Crash Debugger > Reference > Symbian OS Crash Debugger Launch Configuration” suggesting,I creating a Crash Debugger Config,connecting mobile,and beginning debug,but a error occured:
Error creating session: CrashDebuggerProtocolPlugin : Fail to shake hand with Crash Debug Monitor. It's usually because the OS on your device is not crashed.
the COM port I have tried series port and NOKIA N82 USB(I use usb connection),but both failed.

In Carbide C++ help, it say can input Commands in Crash Debugger Console view, but the view is not Editable; maybe it only work under certain conditions, I think.

I have some questions:
1.how to resolve this error:"Fail to shake hand with Crash Debug Monitor" ,Are there any plugins I have to install just like TRK?
2.When will I be able to enter the command in Crash Debugger Console view?