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    How to use MMF API from Qt App?


    I have installed S60 5th edition and Qt 4.6 on my machine.I want to develop a Video Player Application using QtOnS60.
    I want to use these CMMFDevVideoPlay(Multiimedia Video_HAI) in my application.

    HOw to access these APIs from my Qt Application?

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    Re: How to use MMF API from Qt App?

    In order to do video playback from a Qt application, the best option is to use Qt's Phonon API. Phonon has been ported to Symbian; a backend implemented using the MMF APIs is included in all releases from 4.6.0.

    Here is a quick summary of the features which have been added in each release:
    (Of course each release also has various bug fixes - full details are available in the database from http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com by searching for 'mmfphonon' as the component name).

    • Audio and video playback from files

    • Support for streaming playback
    • Playlist handling
    • Aspect ratio / scale mode handling
    • Fixed problems with video playback on some S60 3.2 devices

    4.6.2 (scheduled for release in week 7)
    • Enabled audio effects, if supported by the device

    A demo mediaplayer written using Phonon is delivered with Qt: binaries are in fluidlauncher.sis, and source is in the demos/qmediaplayer folder.

    Best regards,

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