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    "s60 5th edition" Project template is not appearing in Carbide.c++ 1.3

    Dear Sir
    1. I have installed S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0 on my PC and also installed s60_open_c_cpp_plug_in_v1_6_en for Open C/C++ applications.
    2. Using carbide1.3 IDE, i try to create a new Project . For which in Carbide i click on the "File" option , select "New" and select "Symbian OS C++ project" . here a template window is opened which says to "choose a template".
    3. Here i see only 2 templates
    1. Generic Symbian OS
    2. s60 3rd edition
    why i am not able to see "s60 5th edition" template as i have installed s60 5th edition.
    4. If i select "s60 3rd edition" - "OpenC HelloWorld Application" and proceed further , write the project name and select "next" , then in "Symbian OS SDK's" - Select atleast on Build configuration, i get to see "S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0" option. Why is the S60_5th_Edition template NOT available in the beginning also.

    Can you please help me on this issue.

    Sameer Kamble

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    Re: "s60 5th edition" Project template is not appearing in Carbide.c++ 1.3

    Does that IDE version, through its release notes, promise to support the S60 5.0 SDK? I don't think so. Please use Carbide.c++ 2.3 or at least 2.0
    -- Lucian

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    Re: "s60 5th edition" Project template is not appearing in Carbide.c++ 1.3

    I second that. Update ASAP!

    It behaves the same way and is downward compatible! Go for ADT:
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