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    Automatically select YES....>>

    I am vinay, sir i have written an J2ME application for mobile where my application automatically opens the camera and it starts taking pictures automatically for every 2 seconds.

    But while capturing the image for the first time, my application on mobile asks for permission saying.."ALLOW THE APPLICATION TO ACCESS CAMERA, VIDEO CONTROL OR AUDIO CONTROL" and it gives two options to select as "YES NO"...

    ** Note:: for the first time only it asks from next 2 seconds it will not ask anything...

    So, please tell me when it asks me "YES NO" can i defaultly give the YES option for selecting.....

    is there any code for this....My application should automatically accept "YES"....

    please send code or any link for this sir please......

    Thank you in advance.....

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    Re: Automatically select YES....>>

    no you cant because its j2me security implementation, what you can do is sign ur midlet with appropriate certificate

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