After over two and a half years in beta, Mobile Web Server is now being archived from Nokia Beta Labs. We’re sorry it has to be this way, but as an experimental prototype, there’s no guarantee that it will last forever. Future plans are still open so we can’t say yet how this activity will evolve further, but as a team we are strong believers that this kind of concept will become a trend some day.

For those using, the service and related support will be discontinued by the end of January 2010. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. When the service is stopped you won’t be able to reach your mobile from the Internet with a familiar web address anymore. However, your Mobile Web Server device software remains as it is and stays available for usage in local mode. The data that you have created remains on your device and it will not be lost even when the service ends.

We would like to thank everyone that used, tuned, and helped develop Mobile Web Server and It has been great pleasure to work with you in such a revolutionary concept.

[also posted on Nokia Beta Labs Blog]