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    Uninstall problem

    Hey guys

    I am having a very strange issue and I am not sure if its my fone or something I am doing wrong.

    I am working on 2 completely separate apps. Both where working fine. Untill one of them just stopped working. I click on it and nothing happens. I click "Remove" and again, nothing happens. I try and over install the app. And it says "Unable to install"

    The other project that was on hold was still working fine. Now as I can no longer test the other app on my fone I want back to my 1st project. And all was good until now. And now I am having the exact same problem.

    I now have no idea what to do anymore.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    Re: Uninstall problem


    Any ideas on this? It seems to to be related to apps with persistance or issues. For eg:

    First app: Had persistant objects in the RecordStore. And no way to delete all of it. And now I cannot run it or uninstall it.

    2nd app: Was working fine, untill I built in functionality that uses the fones camera, but forgot to put in a command to destroy the camera object and exit the app. I had to just close the app, and then it never worked again.

    3rd app: Has no RMS items or camera functionality. Just basically and XML reader and have had no issues with it yet.

    Any ideas how I can maybe clear all items in the RMS? And see if i can uninstall it? The strange thing is that those apps are not even in the list of the installed apps in app manager.

    Maybe I should just get a new phone, as my phone has also for no aparant reason, just starts to virbrate and not stop untill I turn it on and off again.

    Thanks for any feedback

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