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    WRT, SMS, Database questions ...

    Hi all,

    I think a cool feature for WRT could be accessing all the Messaging Folders ( SentBox, Drafts etc .... )

    Is there a solution that I don't know ? Inbox is pretty cool, but insufficient

    Another SMS question, is there a way to know the MessageID of a sent SMS ( sent with "send()" ) ?

    Another think missing to me, databases ... is there a way ( more performent than PreferenceForKey ) to store persistant datas ? xml file, text file, database ? Making it on a Web Server is possible, but there is a loss of time ... :-/

    In fact, WRT is amazing, but not perfect

    Any solutions for me ?

    Thanks !

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    Re: WRT, SMS, Database questions ...

    you can store very large strings in a preference. I have used JSON formatted strings to save data.

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