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    Post send string from hyperterminal - pys60


    I am trying to send some strings from hyper terminal (via bluetooth dongle), even though the connection is established, i am not able to get any string in my N82. I am using the following code in mobile which is working with other mobile sending string instead of hyperterminal

    server = socket.socket(socket.AF_BT, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
    channel = socket.bt_rfcomm_get_available_server_channel(server)
    server.bind(("", channel))
    appuifw.note(u"Waiting for clients...")
    conn, client_addr = server.accept()
    fd = conn.makefile("r+")
    appuifw.note(u"Client connected!")
    cmd = fd.readline()
    appuifw.note(u"Received: " + cmd)

    Please help me!!


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    Re: send string from hyperterminal - pys60

    Hello mt.jijo

    If it is working with other phone ... how about to use other program ?
    I recommend putty.

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