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    Graphics in application ?

    I developed a mobile application for Nokia 6212.
    Its core functionality is almost completed.
    Now i want to beautify my application using some simple graphics like background color ,font color and size.
    How can i do that?

    Can I use third party UI tool or I should use Canvas?
    To use canvas ,its like difficult b'coz i need to do changes in my coding since i am using forms,lists,textbox etc.

    Plz guide, what should i do?



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    Re: Graphics in application ?

    Search in SDk/ forum.nokia / google for your query. you can find many code example in FN wiki.
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    Re: Graphics in application ?

    not much customizing possible (font tyope, size, color) on high-level components...
    Even a low level component like Canvas doesn't offer much in terms of fonts and sizes... That's just MIDP 2.0...
    Fortunately there are methods to use other Fonts (they have been discussed on this forum, maybe even on the Wiki) and otherwise you could try to use LWUIT, or j2mepolish as 3rd party GUI libraries...

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