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    OMA voip provison, proxy problem

    Hi everyone,

    I am doing OMA provision to a N95 mobile,
    when my n95 is provisioned by my sms, always the proxy server address is auto added as "sip:", actually I did not config anything about proxy(outbound) server stuff, and because that "sip:" auto added problem, the mobile can not register to my sip server, except I manually delete that "sip:".

    So problem is that the mobile will auto add "sip:" to proxy server address when I totally did not config anything about proxy(outbound) stuff, does anyone experience and solve this problem?

    I know this question has been prompted on 2008-02-19 by the post of

    but there is no answer of this question, hope I can get valid answer this time. Below is part of my xml file for provision the sip profile,
    <characteristic type="APPLICATION">
    <parm name="APPID" value="w9010"></parm>
    <parm name="PROVIDER-ID" value="ProviderIDSIP"></parm>
    <parm name="PTYPE" value="IETF"></parm>
    <parm name="APPREF" value="sip"></parm>
    <parm name="NAME" value="SIP"></parm>
    <parm name="PUID" value="12345@"></parm>
    <parm name="TO-NAPID" value="napid"></parm>
    <parm name="APROTOCOL" value="UDP"></parm>
    <characteristic type="RESOURCE">
    <parm name="URI" value=";transport=UDP"></parm>
    <parm name="AAUTHNAME" value="12345"></parm>
    <parm name="AAUTHSECRET" value="LBbCzJzg"></parm>
    <parm name="AAUTHDATA" value="abcd"></parm>


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    Re: OMA voip provison, proxy problem

    Still no reply.

    I did not find out why,
    So finally I decided to also config the proxy/outbound stuff, need pay attention to if need loose routing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by octans View Post
    <parm name="APROTOCOL" value="UDP" />
    If I do not specify that, I do not get any proxy configuration and no sip:. Anyway, are you really, really sure you do not want to specify proxy?

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