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    Online WMV / WMA mobile Player (for Streaming)


    I set up a streaming server based on WindowsMediaServices 9series, the output broadcast in WMV.

    I want to develop a mobile application with J2ME to access my server and view the audio / video streaming in WMV / WMA.

    According to my research, we need a Windows Mobile SmartPhone to read these files.

    Would you like to tell me if there is a solution for Java or Symbian mobile.

    Thanks for your help (I really need support)

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    Re: Online WMV / WMA mobile Player (for Streaming)

    What you can play on a specific device depends on the device. Check the specification for your device, or copy a file in that format to the device and see if it plays.

    Also, be aware that many devices will not support streaming in J2ME applications. You may need to launch the device's media player application to handle the stream for you.


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