I have a problem if I use both listeners.

I am developing an app (midlet) to comunicate a Nokia 6131NFC with an ACR122 Reader of this way:

First the MIDlet auto-start when I touch a mifare tag and I get data from tag, (so, I implement NDEFRecordListener and override NDEFRecordDetected, and I register the type in the PushRegistry).

Second, when midlet is open, I want establish a p2p communication with my reader. (So, I implement TransactionListener interface and override externalReaderDetected method). But it doesn't work!. If I start the midlet manually, implementing TargetListener and not NDEFRecordListener, it works.

I think there is a listeners conflict!. I try to remove NDEFRecordListener after I get data from tag (before I touch the reader with my phone), but it doesn't work

Any solution?