I am working in a new project for Maemo and I would like to create my Qt application using desktop version of Qt Creator and only recompile this application inside scratchbox. However, when I tried to do this, I discovered that I had different versions: Latest Qt SDK (PC) is based on Qt 4.6 and moc compiler inside scratchbox can not compile my .ui file (it is based on Qt 4.5).

I would like to hear some suggestions from you. What is the best alternative ? Is there any other alternative ?

a) Install SDK 4.5 and configure Qt Creator for it (for desktop)
b) Update Qt SDK inside scratchbox to 4.6 (is it possible?)
c) Recompile Qt Creator for scratchbox (no, thanks)
d) Configure Qt Creator to use scratchbox SDK (is it possible?)
e) Create my UI by hand, not using Qt Creator
f) Other option, much better and far from my weird ideas