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    Angry MMS application using J2ME

    Dear Sir/Sirs,

    I am doing research about MMS. I made MMS application using J2ME, then I installed the application on Nokia phone. If I run this application and take data (image) more than 30 KB, Nokia phone (N5730 xpress music) will close this application. I tried this application using other mobile phone, there was notification that the image data too much size. I have some questions about that:
    1. Why Nokia phone close the application?
    2. How to make bigger memory for java application on mobile phone specially on Nokia?
    3. How to know the Java version on Nokia Phone?

    I'm looking forward to hearing for you,

    Thank you and best regards,
    Andik Setyono

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    Re: MMS application using J2ME

    Duplicate post.

    It's usually enough to post in just one board.

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