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    Cool Limits of WRT: pretty confused


    I'm totally new to Nokia WRT development, so, I beg your pardon if I ask somthing basic and probably stupid.

    I'm coming from iPhone development and, although it's not that easy, at least I know perfectly the size limit of an application (2 GB) and what the device can do.

    Which is the size limit of WRT? I have several audiobooks to publish and it would be great to make web pages which locally launch MP3 files, ebedded in the widget, rather than to bring costumers to my server and ask to download stuff.


    - can a Widget play local files (mp3)?
    - if yes, which is the size limit of a Widget?
    - if yes, which devices could handle this solution?

    I'm pretty confused and I don't find any useful information around. Maybe it's WRT not the solution. Or maybe I have just to release a Widget which can download to the device the serie of MP3 making the audiobook.



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    Re: Limits of WRT: pretty confused

    Where are the size limits coming from in iPhone world? While I am not a WRT expert I have never heard of any size limits so I am pretty confident that there are none. Not a technical limit that is. You will have to consider however that delivery over the air of a large file is not very user friendly and that the installer would need to unpack that file on the phone so the larger the file is the more free space is required on phone's drive to allow for temporary storage. For these reasons distributions channels such as Ovi Store may not like large files very much.

    Regarding the playback of MP3 files, the question is really how would you encode such playback request in HTML. Since HTML5 is not yet supported you would have to rely on a plug-in to play the file, e.g. Flash Lite, or open the file in the built-in music player. A search for audio playback on this forum should reveal more info.
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    Re: Limits of WRT: pretty confused

    the most reliable way to play sound in a widget application is to load the sound into phone os sound player using openURL(). this launches the sound player "over top" of the widget. This should work for web or local files stored inside the widget.

    I've loaded from web and played large mp3 files, up to 20mb, using this approach on several different s60 phones and did not have a problem. I have not tested storing a 20mb file in a widget, but I suspect the file size limits for a widget application are the same as .sis.

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