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    Java ME App is closed without any comment on Nokia 5800

    Hello developers and experts,

    my Application is closed suddenly without any comment (uncaught exception or sth. like that) on my Nokia 5800 and the Symbian "desktop" is shown. My App just get's whiped out.
    I don't know what's the problem, how to solve it or even how to approach it. It's driving my crazy.

    Here is what my application does:

    Every ten seconds an udp datagram is send (TimerTask) and another thread listens continuously to the DatagramConnection to receive the answers.
    The answers are parsed and some models are updated (I sticked more or less to the mvc pattern.) This is only setting some values to objects' fields.
    After that the Views are notified which means that a repaint() method of a Canvas is called to draw the new information. When the Canvas paints itself (paint method) it fetches some data of the updated models.

    The whip out happens somewhere in that activity and approximately each 50th send-receive-process-redraw cycle (sometimes less, sometimes more or even not at all). It must be here because a whip out appears exactly ten seconds (or whatever interval is set) after last cycle.

    This phenomenon only appears on the 5800. It never happend in the emulator or my old 5310 (S40) running hours and doing thousands of cycles.

    So if anyone has an idea don't hesitate and post it please.
    If you need more details I will give them. The problem is really driving me mad.

    Thank you for your answers

    Kindly regards
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    Re: Java ME App is closed without any comment on Nokia 5800

    same problem I faced too while my GPS related project nd someone told me me here that 5800 is the worst phone to test java based apps I think there is some problem with the OS my app starts shows the splash screen then main screen then exit without ne error

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