Hello, I have heard recently about JSR 281 an IMS client API for developing IMS and multimedia application such as VoIP in javaME. I knew that java had it very difficult to establish a VoIP call not only because of the performance degradations but also because kvm doesn't support playing and recording audio at the same time (Please correct me if I'm wrong). Fortunately, erricson has developed a RI for JSR 281 and it says that it can be ported to any platform/device after a minor changes (even if the device is not shipped with this API preinstalled. Is this correct and has anyone done this? I heard that javaME when burned in a device , it can't be extended to have any new API and I think this is why the API from ericson is delivered in source code so that you can compile it and add it as a user library. But what about the dual audio capability ?

The JSR 281 can be found here
-Another question, if java still must do VoIP using native support, Is open C/C++ ok or it must be symbian C++? I know symbian but I don't know open C/C++. Is there a library in open C/C++ that can get the voice form the mic and to route voice to the earpiece?