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    Form.append() doesn't work inside a while loop

    Hi All,

    I am just trying to print some text using the Form.append()inside a while loop,

    But the append doesn't work as expected, however if i remove the loop, it works fine.

    Kindly help me to solve this issue.


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    Re: Form.append() doesn't work inside a while loop

    The key phrase here is "as expected". What did you expect? And what does happen?

    You should never expect good things to happen when you write "while(true)".

    My guess is that you are doing this inside an event-handler method, such as startApp() or commandAction(). By looping forever, you are preventing that method from exiting. Events are serialized; that is, while one event is being handled, no other event can be delivered. Events sit in a queue, to be handled in turn.

    If you prevent an event-handler method from returning, no other events will be delivered. This includes the internal events used to update the screen. I'm guessing that you see nothing happening, until the application crashes (perhaps with an OutOfMemoryError). This is the correct behaviour.

    Event-handler methods must always return as quickly as possible. Event methods that block will cause applications to become unresponsive.


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    Re: Form.append() doesn't work inside a while loop

    Execute the loop in a separate thread not in the GUI Thread.

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