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    Lightbulb Ensymble 0.28 on Python 2.6 - solution

    Hello everyone,

    first of all, welcome again. I know I have been silent for a long time but I'm back, sort of. I got a job right now which requires me to write an application using a mixture of Python and C++.

    But anyway, since I updated to Python 2.6 on my PC long time ago that's what I wanted to use with Ensymble. Unfortunately there's no 2.6 compatible version on the site so I attempted to build one myself but due to some changes in Python 2.6, it didn't work. Fortunately I came with a different solution.

    So, here it is, for those of you who don't want to downgrade to Python 2.5 to use Ensymble.

    First, get the source of Ensymble (.tar.gz) from here and unpack it somewhere. Now, create this directory structure:

        <all ensymble files>
    Besides the Ensymble source files, there are two additional. The "__init__.py" is empty, it's there to let Python threat the "ensymble" directory as a package.

    The top level "ensymble.py" file is the one which you will start to use Ensymble. The contents are:
    import warnings
    warnings.simplefilter('ignore', DeprecationWarning)
    from ensymble.cmdmain import main
    That's it. No changes in the Ensymble sources are required. This will work fine as it's the squeezing process that causes problems on Python 2.6.

    The file does one more thing, it hides the deprecation warning caused by the fact that Ensymble imports the "sha" module which has been deprecated since 2.5 in favor of "hashlib" module.


    BTW. Happy New Year to everyone. A bit late but whatever...

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    Re: Ensymble 0.28 on Python 2.6 - solution

    Welcome back yak ! And with interesting tips !

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