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    ISysInfo Battery inconsistency


    Could someone please tell me why ISysInfo >> Battery >> BatteryStrength is so inconsistent. It does not keep track of the actual battery level. For example if you charge your battery then try to keep track of the battery level it only updates the actual level periodically. IE, 100%, 87%, 61%, 43%, etc... Instead of the way it actual should IE, 100%, 99%, 98%. So I am asking why doesn't Service.SysInfo check the actual battery level when you request it, it seems like it's cached. ISysInfo >> Battery >> ChargingStatus is always updated right away, so why isn't ISysInfo >> Battery >> BatteryStrength updated right away to.



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    Re: ISysInfo Battery inconsistency

    Hi fataqui,

    have you checked if the "1.0" version of System Information API returns the same values?



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    Re: ISysInfo Battery inconsistency

    Hello fataqui,

    What you are experiencing is because of limitation from the platform side. Actually you will get only eight steps for battery level along the way from 0 to 100%.

    Sorry for inconvenience. We will take necessary actions to sort out this issue.


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