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    [moved] Why emulator is exit while connecting to server.

    Hello all,

    I try to implement the socket programming which can send data to server. But when I send data to server, server can receive data but my emulator is closed immediately. I try to fix this for a day, I found that I happen because the code that attempt to connect to server like this:

    // Open the socket
    User::LeaveIfError(iSocket.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockStream,KProtocolInetTcp));

    //Connect the socket (has problem)

    connectInetAddr.SetPort(2500); //TLS port


    Please suggest me why it happens and advice another solution to connect server for me

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Why emulator is exit while connecting to server.

    Make sure to run the emulator process and not your own application. See Running the emulator from Carbide.c++ to learn about the different way to run your application.

    Then do the proper debugging of the code, identify the problem and solve the root cause.
    -- Lucian

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