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    Problem with bluetooth interface with nokia 2700

    Hi all,

    I have got two problems!
    Problem 1
    I am trying to connect to Nokia 2700 using A7 EB101 Bluetooth module running from a PC(Hyperterminal)!
    When the bluetooth connection is being established between PC and Nokia 2700,the bluetooth module
    will be in data mode! I need to send the AT commands to control the modem of the mobile!
    The bluetooth connection gets disconnected even before i send the data ie, when i just type anything in the hyperterminal, the bluetooth connectivity gets lost! This doesnt happen when i use a sony ericsson mobile!
    Can anybody help me regarding this?

    Problem 2

    am trying to establish a GPRS connection through bluetooth enabled
    phone using a bluetooth application running on java!
    I am not able to get the GPRS connection!

    Here are the commands and the response i got!
    Can you help me regarding this?
    I am getting junk values when i give the command ATD*99***1# !
    I am using Nokia 2700 mobile!

    Command to mobile is:ATZ

    Mobile response is: ATZ


    Command to mobile is:ATE0V1

    Mobile response is: ATE0V1


    Command to mobile is:AT+CFUN=1

    Mobile response is:

    Command to mobile is:AT+CGREG=1

    Mobile response is:

    Command to mobile is:AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","

    Mobile response is:

    Command to mobile is:AT+CGATT=1

    Mobile response is:

    +CGREG: 1

    Command to mobile is:ATD*99***1#

    Mobile response is:
    ~�}#�!}!} } }2}#}$�#}!}$}%�}"}&} }*} }

    Regards and thanks

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    Re: Problem with bluetooth interface with nokia 2700

    Hello world,
    I think i was able to get a partial solution for problem two
    When i try to connect to internet through GPRS using my mobile Nokia 2700 classic,
    I do see a small icon "E"(encircled) on the top! This indicates that GPRS connection was successful!

    After giving the following set of commands through bluetooth interface from PC(running java application),
    I saw the same "E" icon encircled! Does this mean that the GPRS connection was successful?
    I tried to get the IP assigned by the network,but i got error as response from the mobile!

    Is it possible to give AT commands to establish TCP/IP connection?
    Can i get help regarding this issue?


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